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3 reasons you’re not motivated to work out anymore

You are full of inspiration and 100% motivated to start your healthy new lifestyle. You work out four times a week, you eat healthy and you treat yourself every once in a while. Sounds like a great plan, right? But how do you maintain this? Somewhere along the road you lose your motivation and you have no idea how to get back on track. Trust me, you are not the only one! Did you know that this is quite common? Our brains are wired to continue believing things we have internalized over a lifetime. Even if we understand that our behavior isn’t doing us any good, it’s hard to make a change. But it’s not impossible and I am going to help you ladies. It’s important to figure out where those beliefs and habits are based on. So what’s the reason you do what you do?

I have listed three reasons that you might recognize as something you do or think yourself. Just take a look and hopefully I am able to help and convince you to deal with this behavior.

  1. I never have enough energy to do anything, let alone exercise.

In order to have energy we need to eat because food fuels our bodies. Sounds familiar right? But have you ever thought about the fact that exercise gives us energy as well? I know from own experience that it’s easier to be a couch potato when you feel washed out. And working out is not the first thing you think about when you feel tired. But that’s exactly the reason you should break that pattern. Go do your exercise, get your sweat on and take a nice cold shower as a finisher. Afterwards you will burst with energy! And do you want to know why? It’s simple. When you work out your fat is being converted into energy and because of that you start to feel fit and energized! And the more you work out, the higher your energy level will get. And admit it, nothing beats that feeling when you leave the gym (or your yoga mat at home) all sweaty and satisfied after a good work out, right girls? It’s the best feeling ever! So get of your couch, get in your workout clothes and let’s go!

  1. Working out only really counts if it’s intense and lasts a long time

Some people still believe that working out only really counts when it takes at least one hour and leaves us completely out of breath. Of course this is a really good way to exercise, but it’s definitely not the only way. Did you know that all those little ‘workouts’ also count? Taking the stairs, taking your bike to work, walking to the supermarket.. We probably already do all these things on a daily basis and they definitely contribute to a happy and healthy body. Try to be more aware of these ‘work outs’ and dare yourself to do them as much as possible every day.

  1. I haven’t worked out for 1 week, it’s okay to skip this week as well

Who of you is guilty of this ‘it’s all or nothing’ thought? Or maybe it’s better to say who isn’t! You skip one workout and before you know it you have missed three of them. How did that happen? Hello, bad old habits. You are super comfy on your couch evening after evening all over again and you think ‘I will do my work out tomorrow’, but guess what? There is no exercise being done tomorrow as well. Just like being a couch potato is one of your habits, working out should become one as well. The best way to achieve this is to schedule your workouts. Decide when you want to work out one week in advance and make sure you save those times. Don’t let anything come between you and your exercise. And if it does happen, plan your workout some other time that week or drag your friend to the gym with you.

I think that everyone recognizes these three things. And there is nothing wrong with that as long as you see it coming and don’t act on it. Because once you do act on it it’s going to be extra hard to get back on track.

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Lisa van Cuijk

Your personal coach

Het is mijn doel om met In love with health mensen te inspireren en helpen met het behalen hun gewenste doelen en dromen! Wil je net als mij fitter worden en een positief gevoel hebben? Wil je wat kilo’s kwijt of gewoon wat strakker worden? Wil jij eindelijk weer zelfverzekerd en gelukkig zijn? Stop dan met al die nare diëten en shakes en verander ook jouw lifestyle.

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I am 14 years old and I workout at home but these days I lost my interest in working out a lot. What’s wrong with me? I always had energy to multitask too but now im always tired


I’m 15 and I’m working out too but just like you I lack in motivation when that happens I take the day of and concentrate on something different like cooking or playing the piano and on the next day I will try to make easier exercises because I want to have fun while getting fit not tired.

Reagan Elfrink

I agree so much! I am now 17 and I am working a part time job and going to school. Of course it is only 15 hours a week but sometimes it could be 3 to 4 days a week working evening shifts getting off @ 9 pm. It is so frustrating that all my off days seem to be busy every week. How do I find that motivation to go one of my off days to workout. I am really just tired and I can’t find a way to get up and go! I am maintaining my weight when I want to lose. I am eating very restrictively but not working out. I need tips pllleeaasee! Thanks so much. BTW my weight right now is 169.7 and I am 65 inches tall. My BMI is high and i need to be 150 to get to my ideal BMI and my wish weight is 125!! I just need energy!


I do judo, I used to be motivated and hardworking but that’s all shrivelled up inside me. I have no idea why, because I know I usually enjoy it but I don’t want to train for some reason. This is kinda different but I play an instrument, I’ve been ignoring practice even if I have time and I haven’t me trying, I feel awful about how lazy and careless I’m becoming.


I have no motivation to workout whatsoever I try a few sets and I just give up. I feel like I can no longer handle any pain and I haven’t worked out properly for weeks.

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