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Having the body you want starts with loving the body you have. I want every woman to experience this feeling. I’ve created In love With Health as an online platform to coach women in their way of getting a healthier, fitter and slimmer body. Loving your body and creating a healthy lifestyle is everything In Love With Health stands for. Be in love with health.

How did I start?

After one of my many couch potato moments, I was fed up with doing little to nothing. Something had to change! I didn’t eat healthy, had no energy at all and therefor I didn’t exercise. Because of this I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin and I was totally unhappy with my lifestyle. It was time to make a change and finally take care of myself.

What to do… I definitely didn’t want to start dieting, detoxing, juicing or tracking calories again. So I decided to do it differently this time and changed my lifestyle!

It definitely wasn’t easy. When my boyfriend enjoyed his pizza and I was sitting next to him with my nasi made of cauliflower, it was pretty hard. I had to put in all my effort but it was 100 percent worth it! Just four weeks later I had a lot more energy and felt great and super fit! The bags under my eyes had disappeared, just as my intestinal problems. Besides that, I got slimmer and more toned than ever! But maybe the most important thing: I was happy again! Finally I had found the love and appreciation for my body again.

In my opinion every women should feel this way. I want to scream it out, because if I can do it, so do you! I want to stimulate as much women as possible and help them in finding the love for themselves and their bodies again and enjoy life as much as possible. If you feel good on the inside, you’ll shine on the outside!


And how was In love with Health founded?

I had a new mission in life: my body and well-being as a number 1 priority and becoming the best version of myself. I wanted to learn more about nutrition and I wanted to help others. Therefore I followed a study as nutrition coach and hormone-trainer. For two years I did research on nutrition, what it means for your life and well-being and what your body really needs. I started testing everything I learnt in my daily life and with this information I developed the Slimming Body Guide. I am super happy with the result!

The Slimming Body method includes the most important ingredients you’ll need to live a healthy lifestyle:

  • The right nutrition
  • Enough physical exercise
  • Relaxation and rest
  • Ability to treat yourself
  • Love for your body

After two months the website of In love with Health had a thousand unique visitors a day! Besides that I received many many e-mais from beautiful girls who were stuck in the exact same place as where I have been stuck for quite some time. In love with Health became a strong name in Holland as well as abroad. I feel blessed that I have helped thousands of clients in achieving a healthy, fit and slim body. That makes me so happy. Every day I get to hear the most amazing stories and receive wonderful transformation pictures from girls who have become super fit. I am so proud of these girls! In the meantime the website has become one of the biggest health sites in Holland all thanks to the perseverance of these women.

I started In love with Health to inspire you with delicous and healthy recipes which will help you to achieve your goals. Choose for a healthy and energetic body that you love and gives you the energy you need every single day.It’s so important to love your body. That’s what I want every woman to know. Your body needs to be taken care of with love and good nutrition. Food is the best medicine there is when you eat healthy and fully enjoy it. Your body will be thankful! Let’s do this together!

”Having the body you want starts with loving the body you have”.

Lisa ♥



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Prakash THAKOR

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Elina Bergert

Do you also have your ebook in an english version?
Would be great since i dont speak dutch ;)



It’s coming in 2 weeks Elina :D

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