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Homemade banana wrap

Because the banana cake was such a big hit, I came up with a new recipe with this yellow friend! And oh my, it’s good! The only thing you need is a homemade wrap of your favorite dough, NUTELLA… okay no nutella, but homemade peanutbutter or chocobutter, a banana and VOILA ready to eat!
#slimmingbody: 10 o’clock snack (½ banana and 1 tbsp nutbutter)
bananawrap groot2
bananawrap groot1

How to prepare:

Mix the flour with the almondmilk till it’s a batter. Bake the wrap in a hot skillet in some coconut oil on both sides. A little tip: make sure the skillet is really hot and don’t use too much coconut oil. When you place the batter into the hot skillet make sure it’s evenly spread and then lower the heat. Take your time ladies!
When the wrap is not liquid anymore and it colors a bit dark, it’s ready to be turned. Another tip: add some cinnamon to the batter, makes it extra yummy :-)
Spread the wrap with nutbutter. I made the nutbutter myself but you can also buy 100% nutbutter at the store (just as easy right lol). Place 1 banana in the wrap and roll up. Cut into pieces and time to enjoy your banana wrap!

Ingredients (1 person)

  • 1 banana
  • 2 tbsp 100% nutbutter
  • 40 gr of whole weat spelt flour
  • 80 ml almondmilk
  • Optional: cinnamon

Cooking time

20 minutes

Lisa van Cuijk

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