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Slimming Body Guide

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The Slimming Body Guide

The most common question people I received over the year is: ‘How can I get slimmer, more confident and happier in my own body? How can I feel healthy and energetic again and how can I become proud of myself again?’. Well ladies, I can tell you, it’s possible! You are the only one who is responsible for your own success and I’m going to help you with that! Let’s do this together!

There is no such thing as a snap with the fingers and voila, or a magic diet pill. We’ll need to change your way of life! My method focuses mainly on changing your lifestyle with healthy food and enough physical exercise.

In addition, I stress on enough sleep and relaxation, which is very important. Rewarding yourself is also a part of the lifestyle. Love and appreciation for your body, that’s what the Slimming Body Guide stands for. The Slimming Body Guide is more than ‘just’ nutrition and fitness. It’s about being good to yourself; give your mind a break from all the stress and pressure around you; learn to love your heart, which keeps beating strong. Every day – all day. Most importantly it nurtures your body more than you think.

The Slimming Body Guide gives you the fuel you need to get those sexy curves, shiny skin, confidence and lots of energy!

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Why this Slimming Body Guide?

Due to my passion for food and experience as a nutrition coach, I’ve developed the ideal plan. In the meantime, I’ve guided countless clients in their way to a healthier, fitter and slimmer body. I now know exactly what will and won’t help you. So girls, no more excuses! This plan fits perfectly in you busy life, and it allows you to still enjoy a nice meal and a drink ones in a while.

By using my method you will eat as little processed food as possible, and focus on eating natural food. No unnecessary complicated meals, but simple with a great taste! Besides, you will choose the products, which contain little or no preservatives or flavour enhancers at all.

Enjoy the basics such as dairy, vegetables, fruit, wheat, meat and fish. Because my recipes are easy to make, with an added grocery list and simple ingredients, this method is suitable for beginners but also for the advanced chefs. You’ll find that nutrition is the best medicine there is and your body will be so grateful for this change. Let’s go! Let’s do this together!

Let’s eat our hearts out!

By purchasing the Slimming Body Guide you immediately receive your new lifestyle plan, with a nutrition- and work-out schedule and lot’s more! The guide contains more than 130 pages with the most delicious Slimming body-proof recipes, slimmingtips and essential information about all the different nutrients that are good for you or the ones you should avoid. In this guide you’ll find all the answers for a happy and healthy lifestyle! What can you find in the Slimming Body Guide?

  • Over 130 pages that will guide you towards your goals, a complete plan for your new lifestyle
  • A step-by-step seven-day nutrition schedule that fits the Slimming body method
  • Make your tummy smile with more than 100 of my favourite Slimming Body-proof recipes
  • Exclusive membership to the Slimming Body Community
  • Tips and tricks for getting a slimmer and more toned body
  • Steps to track your happy & healthy progress
  • Weekly grocery lists and meal preps.
  • Essential information for a happy & healthy lifestyle
  • A 12-week Full body killer workout plan
  • And a lot more!!!!

Become an official member of the Slimming Body program and immediately receive your Slimming Body Guide and nutritionschedule to give your body a boost. Shine in your new dream body, inside and out!

Let’s get carried away with the experience of others, success stories, and discover that the Slimming Body Guide is perfect, also for you!


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