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Success story of Jacqueline

I always thought I was eating healthy and exercising enough, but thanks to the Slimming Body Guide I now know that that wasn;t the case at all. I went to the gym 5 times a week for two hours and ate regular normal food. I have always wanted to get rid of my belly, because I didn’t feel happy in my own skin. Despite the fact that I was working out a lot, I didn’t lose any fat in my middle section. I always thought I just have to life with it, I will never have a flat belly and this is the best my body will get.

Two years ago I changed the way I worked out. After this change I noticed some difference in my body but how hard I tried and how many times I went to the gym at the end I never achieved my goal. I had many setbacks and every single time I gave up. Then at the beginning of this year (2015) I decided as a New Years resolution I had to make a big change. I was fed up with my current situation. I started following Lisa on Instagram and I have doing much better. I started the Slimming Body Guide and did a lot of research on nutrition and working out. I feel so much better now. I no longer have intestinal problems. I feel energetic and look forward doing stuff! My belly is getting flatter and toned. I am not planning to stop anytime soon because this lifestyle is great and the recipes are delicious and easy to prepare.

I do my work outs from home and every time I do them I notice improvement. It was a matter of finding out what works best for me with regard to when I do my work outs, when I prepare my meals, where to find the right ingredients etc. But believe me when I say you get more creative every time!

I am finally happy with what I’ve achieved! I am still not where I want to be but I’m definetely heading the right direction. The delicious recipes and the progress I make are keeping me going!

Lisa van Cuijk

Your personal coach

Het is mijn doel om met In love with health mensen te inspireren en helpen met het behalen hun gewenste doelen en dromen! Wil je net als mij fitter worden en een positief gevoel hebben? Wil je wat kilo’s kwijt of gewoon wat strakker worden? Wil jij eindelijk weer zelfverzekerd en gelukkig zijn? Stop dan met al die nare diëten en shakes en verander ook jouw lifestyle.

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