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Success story of Anouk

I started with the nutrition program and the e-book with sports exercises. The reason I started with the SBG was that I wasn’t satisfied with my body. Many clothes didn’t fit me anymore, which made me feel uncertain. And especially in my bikini I didn’t feel comfortable. In addition, I had a low energy level and I knew I was doing something wrong with my diet, but I didn’t know what. At first I found it difficult to switch to a new lifestyle. But now I notice that I have to think less about it and it has become more like a habit. Truly a new lifestyle.

Sure, I still have cravings, but the cheat day once a week takes that feeling right away. Which helps me to keep it up very well! My goal was to lose about 12.5 kilos. I never thought that I would accomplish that! But six months later I’ve achieved my goal and I still can’t believe it! Meanwhile I continued the SBG and now I’ve lost 15 kilos already! For the first time in my life I’m happy with my body and I’m very proud of myself. I have much more energy and I feel more confident. I still what to lose a little weight and by using this method /lifestyle I’m a 100% confident that I will succeed!

Lisa van Cuijk

Oprichtster van In Love With Health

Het is mijn doel om met In love with health mensen te inspireren en helpen met het behalen van hun gewenste doelen en dromen! Wil je net als ik fitter worden en een positief gevoel hebben? Wil je wat kilo’s kwijt of gewoon wat strakker worden? Wil jij eindelijk weer zelfverzekerd en gelukkig zijn? Stop dan met al die nare diëten en shakes en verander ook jouw lifestyle.

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