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You eat healthy and do your exercises, but won’t lose any weight?

You think you are on the right track. You are eating healthy, you are exercising more often, yet you don’t get more toned and slim. Your motivation becomes less because you don’t see any results, so why shouldn’t you eat that entire bucket of icecream?! But sweety I want to stop you right there, don’t go back to your old habits, because your solution to all of this may be closer than you think.

Our bodies are very complex. The reasons below could give you some answers why you still haven’t lost any weight.

  1. Your brains haven’t got the memo yet

You are eating better than you used to and you exercise more often, but your brains won’t work with you. It may sound strange but your brains produce all sorts of hormons. The hormon leptin is being sent to your stomach so you know you are full and satisfied. Unfortunately some people are less sensitive for this hormone which causes them to over eat because they simply don’t know when they’re full. Without even knowing you eat a lot more than your body needs.

You can reset your hormones. At least the hormone leptin. When you eat more than you need on a regular basis you can set your hormones off balance. It feels like you have to eat all day long. But by writing down what you eat, you can find some patterns. Where am I losing it? For example, you are eating a bag full of nuts instead of a handfull while you’re watching TV. Sometimes the only way to be aware of what you eat is by tracking it. You don’t have to track calories, that’s not what this is about. It’s about being aware of whát you eat.

  1. The well known Apple posture

 Most common postures for ladies are the Apple and the Peer. When your body is shaped as a Peer, you tent to store more fat around your but and hips. An Apple however stores more fat in the middle section of the body, the belly. When you are under stress you are more likely to store fat in those areas than people who have no stress.

It’s very important to limitate your sugar intake. Sugar influences the production of insulin which effects your bloodsugar. Besides that, try to stay zen. Go for a walk of take a class of bikram yoga. You could also do some meditation. There are all sorts of ways to lower the feeling of stress and to just dream away for a bit. Don’t stress but enjoy!

  1. Diets are for the weak

If you suddenly change you eating pattern and lower your calorie intake to 1200 where you used to eat 1800, it could be possible that you lose less weight. I hear you think: huh how is that possible? I should lose weight when I eat less calories right? Well the reason for this is that your body needs more energy to function well. If you take away a big part of your energy, your body will go in defense mode.  This means war! Everything that comes in will be stored right away. This causes you to lose less weight than you were expecting. Some people even gain weight.

It takes time, so give your body the time it needs. It’s not realistic to think that you will have your dream body in two weeks time. You could see progress within two weeks but you are not there yet. Make sure that you don’t start counting calories. Focuss on giving your body the right nutrition. It’s better to choose for products that are rich in nutrients with more calories than less nutrient dense products with less calories.

  1. An upset intestinal

 Everything you eat and drink is being digested in your intestinal. It’s the biggest manufactor in your body besides your brains. Your intestinal can have a hard time with digesting all the different things we put in our mouths. Not only food can upset your intestinal, also stress can have a big impact. When you don’t express your emotions, you can immediately notice that in your body. Your food isn’t digested as well as it should and your body has a hard time absorbing important nutrients. Besides that, it can lead to the production of gas. And we ladies are usually not so happy with that.

It’s important to take good care of your intestinal. Feed it good nutrient rich food. You can help by eating enough fiber and by trying to avoid gluten as much as possible. Do you still have an upset intestinal? Then it’s a good idea to pay your doctor a visit.

Products that may look healthy, but aren’t:

Fruit yogurt

Nice right? Yogurt with 0% fat. That must be healthy you may think. But unfortunately there is nothing healthy about it. This is just a marketing trick. This delicious yogurt is full of sugars, not quite healhty. It’s better to go for low fat quark with a handfull of blueberries instead. Just as tasty and less sugars.


Some yogurt in the morning with a handfull of cruesli. Super tasty, I know. But what did you expect with tons of sugar? Cruseli contains just as much sugar as candy. And that’s what you are starting your day with?! Well hello spiking bloodsugar! You will feel totally washed out all day and you will have sugar cravings. That’s not what we want, right ladies?! Go for the healthy option: biological muesli or homemade granola. Super yummy! 

Pre packed salads 

A healthy lunch you think. But unfortunately these pre packed salads are not as good as you think. The sauses usually contain a lot of sugar. It’s better to make you own salad the day before. This way you know exactly what in your salad.


And I’m not talking about the juices you make your own at home but the ones you buy at the supermarket. Usually it’s nothing more than water with an extra taste. And a lot of added sugar. Try and make some your own fresh juices :-).


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