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The secret to get your ultimate bikini body

Do you get butterflies in your stomach now that summertime has come? I definetely do, because the sun is out YAY! It means that we can finally put on our bikinis and lay on the beach. Are you ready for that sweety? Or can you use some extra tips to get rid of those winterkilos you’ve put on? In that case continue reading…

Tip 1: Eat, eat and eat some more!!

It may sound strange but to get a more toned body, you have to keep eating. This is what my method is known for. However this doesn’t mean that you can eat all day long. Unfortunately! What it does mean, is that you eat healthy and clean food. Eating enough is essential. You won’t achieve your goals with starving yourself or following a crash diet. Most diets where you have to eat very little may seem to work at first, but your body will soon switch to a savingmode which causes you to gain even more weight once you start eating normal again. So surprise surprise.. my first tip for you is to continue eating! But then in a healthy way (you can read all about this in my next tips)! This definetely did the trick for me, because believe it or not, I need a lot of food hihi!

Tip 2: Proteins

The benefit of proteins is that it takes your body longer to process than carbs and fats. The digestion of proteins also takes more energy. This means that you will burn more calories, simply by digesting your food. Besides that, your body won’t turn proteins into fat as easily as for example carbs. The reason for this is that it takes your body a lot of energy to do so.

Tip 3: Vegetables

Try to leave your pasta, rice or potatoes for what it is for tonights dinner and replace them with some extra veggies. I myself can eat a plate full of veggies (love them!), but I know that’s not the case for everyone. Lucky you for those who don’t like their veggies as much as I do, because there are different ways to get in your daily portion of vegetables :-) You can hide your veggies in other meals. I call them the hidden vegetables. You can think of  food such as healthy muffins, cakes etc. I also like to snack with veggies between my meals and to make a delicious veggie dip every once in a while. Did you know that 5 snacktomatoes is 50 grams of your daily vegetables?

Tip 4: Smoothie for breakfast

Replace your bread or yogurt for a healthy green smoothie. Bread will cause your bloodsugar to spike and drop and that’s why you feel hungry pretty fast after eating bread. Cruesli is full of quick refined sugars and unhealthy fats (to learn more about sugars, you can read my article How to stop eating sugar). It’s better to leave your mornings with cruesli behind you and to start drinking smoothies for breakfast. For example this delicious forest fruit smoothie.

Tip 5: Keep moving

 I probably don’t have to tell you that working out is good for you. It’s good to exercise a couple times a week, but it’s also important to move enough during the rest of the day. Try to sneak in some extra ‘work outs’ to your daily routine. Get up from your chair more often to take a walk, take the stairs or take the bike! Park your car one block away from work or get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the last part. Believe it or not! My body notices right away when I sit all week or when I’ve been active.

Do you want more of these tips and achieve your goals? OF COURSE YOU DO! In my Slimming Body Guide you find useful tips and a lot more essential information, delicious mouth-watering recipes, a nutrition plan and workout routine and lots more!! Buy the Slimming Body Guide HERE!

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