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How to lose weight after your holiday

Fun in the sun! Chillig in the sun with your cocktail, having breakfast with 3 croissants (with Nutella of course) and don’t forget those great all-inclusive resorts where you can eat all day every day. Taking some time to relax is super important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and treating yourself every once in a while is super important.

For most girls the holiday is over and that means… Back to your healthy lifestyle and trying to get rid of those extra kilos you have put on. Yes, even I had to extra bad boys after my vacation lol! But don’t panic girls, I have some tips for you to help you get rid of those extra kilos. These tips definetely did the trick for me!

  1. Don’t prospone, start now

I hear it all the time: ‘ I’ll start on Monday, so this Saturday I can still have that piece of cake (and bowl of chips)’. On Monday you will have another excuse not to start. We all know what procrastination brings us. Start now when it’s still doable because it will get harder every week you don’t start.

  1. Don’t stop eating

I think I’ve said it a hundred times already lol. It’s better toe at 5 smaller portions than 3 big ones. By eating smaller portions multipal times a day you will keep your metabolism going. Your metabolism will work more efficiently. This will help you to burn more during the day (even when you have a rest day, YAY!)

  1. Get in your calories from food and not from drinks

Drinking a glass of lemonade during breakfast, a glass of soda at lunch and a glass of wine at diner. Our bodies don’t neccesarily need these calories but they will add up. So when you go for a drink this Fridayafternoon with your girls, choose wisely and make healthy choices.

  1. Snacken! Go for veggies and fruit

It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon, you feel tired and you crave something bad. Yes ladies, almost everyone has these moments, ‘SNACKEN’. Leave those candybars and snack some fruit and veggies. Take some snack tomatoes or carrots with you to work or school. And always have a piece of fruit in your bag. This will prevent you from going to the vending machine. If you have a hard time getting in 500 grams of veggies, you can also divide it over the day.

  1. Water, water, water

Two liters of water may sound as a lot, but our bodies need it girls. We all know that feeling when our stomach starts to rumble. We think we have to eat something because we’re hungry so we start snacking, but in fact we could also be thirsty. So my tip: always bring a bottle of water and drink first when your stomach starts to rumble.

  1. Exercise more often

This doesn’t neccesarily mean that you have to work your ass off in the gym every day. Those little exercises you sneak in on a daily basis will be of a big help as well to achieve your goals. It may sound cliché but instead of taking the elevator take the stairs .. (I know this is not always easy when you have a heavy bag with you, but it is effective), take the bike or walk to work instead of taking the car. Especially when the weather is good.

  1. Do your groceries consciously

Doing your groceries when your hungry… Not done, because all those cholocate chip cookies, bags of chips and wafels seem to scream you name! Before you know it those products end up in your shopping cart. We need to avoid those situations. So be conscious of what you put in your shopping cart, and ask yourself do I really need this unhealthy package of cookies or am I just hungry at the moment? Make sure you have enough powerfood in your kitchen cabin to avoid this.

  1. Last but not least

Do you also crave something sweet after diner and you feel like having a dessert? My tip: wait for 30 minutes. You probably don’t feel like having something after those 30 minutes. Your body produces different hormones and it takes some time for those hormones to end up in the right place in your body. Once they’re there, your craving will be become less and eventually go away. If you are still craving something after 30 minutes, make yourself a deal that you are allowed to eat something small.

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Holiday kilos GROOT

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