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How to get slim and toned legs?

Beautiful, slim endless legs… every womans dream, right? Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with endless legs and we can’t really do anything about the length of our legs. Long, short, slim, full, we are all beautiful as we are and so are our legs! Stop with comparing yourself to others and focus on YOU. Of course you can work on getting your legs in the best shape ever. Curious about my nutrition and workout tips? Continue reading sweety!

Before I give you my tips for killerlegs, I want to emphasize how important it is to love your body for what it is. Please first read this blog if you haven’t yet. It’s important that what you strive for is realistic. Your posture is mostly genetic and you cain’t train longer legs ;-). Try not to focus on those ‘perfect’, slim and long legs you see in commercials and magazines. Believe me, all those photo’s are completely photoshopped.

Besides genes you are able to unfluence how your legs look. Good nutrition, enough exercise are very important. Follow these next steps to achieve your killerlegs:

  1. Good nutrition

The first step you have to take is start with eating healthy and unprocessed food. This means a lot of vegetables, fruit, lean meat and fish. Try to avoid soda’s and fried food. Try to eat 5 to 6 times a day. Do you have a hard time eating clean and healthy? Check out my Slimming Body Guide, you will find over 100 mouth-waterin recipes which will help you to achieve your killerlegs in a delicious way!

  1. Exercise

We all know that it’s good for you to workout on a regular basis. To achieve those slim and toned legs you have to be active for at least half an hour a day. And you have to do specific leg exercises twice a week. They won’t get slim by just thinking of it girls! You can go to the gym for your workout, but you can also do it at home! In my Slimming Body Guide you’ll find effective exercises just for your legs which you can do at home without any equipment. Squats and lunges are the most common leg exercises and there are a lot of variations to do them.

  1. Water

It’s very important to stay hydrated for the in- and outside of your body. It’s good for your skin and it helps to keep you hydrated during and after your workout.

  1. Your body as total package

Unfortunately it’s not possible to lose fat in one place of your body. Too bad, I know… If you want your legs to get slimmer, you will have to train your whole body and not just your legs.

  1. Massages

Yes, that’s right ladies, massages are also good to achieve slimmer legs. By giving your legs a good massage with your favorite oil you stimulate the bloodcirculation. Eventually your skin will get firmer and will look better. Don’t expect a miracle after 3 times. It’s important to be consistent.

These 5 tips can help you to get slimmer and more toned legs. But keep in mind what I said before, the love for your body is the most important thing! To get more Slimming tips, check out this page.

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Het is mijn doel om met In love with health mensen te inspireren en helpen met het behalen hun gewenste doelen en dromen! Wil je net als mij fitter worden en een positief gevoel hebben? Wil je wat kilo’s kwijt of gewoon wat strakker worden? Wil jij eindelijk weer zelfverzekerd en gelukkig zijn? Stop dan met al die nare diëten en shakes en verander ook jouw lifestyle.

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