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Being fit in wintertime

You will probably recognize this situation. In summer you are all sporty and full of motivation. But then summer comes to an end and is starts to get dark and cold outside and all you want to do is cuddle up on your couch with a big cup of tea. You tell yourself I will go to the gym tomorrow but then tomorrow comes and it’s the same story. And guess what sweeties, before you know a whole week passes by. To help you with this, I will give a few tips to get you started :-). No more excuses!

  1. Going outside for your workout? Wear warm and reflecting clothes.

Usually, one of the reasons you don’t want to go outside for your workout is the cold, rain or maybe even snow. Make sure you wear warm, yet ventilating sportclothes so that you can go outside without being bordered by the cold, rain or snow. There are plenty of sportbrands that sell sportsclothing for winter. Don’t forget to wear special lighting or a refelcting jacket. Even though you can see everyone, when it’s dark people can’t always see you.

Check out this cute sportsoutfit from H&M. It’s affordable and also super fashionable of course.

  1. Find u buddy

This is one of my favorite reasons I stay motivated to go outside for my workouts. A good friend, niece or your mom? Look for someone who wants to stay fit just like you and won’t cancel on you. You will keep each other motivated so it’s a win-win situation.

  1. Find a routine

This could be the most important tip since everyone is always busy and running their heads off. Including me. Write down in your agenda or in the calendar on your phone which days you want to exercise. And make sure you don’t plan anything else during those times. This will give you no room to cancel your plans to workout. Once it’s in your routine it’s way easier to follow through. It works for me!

  1. Imagine it

Do you remember how toned, fit and sporty you were in summer? One of the best ways to stay motivated is to imagine yourself this. Some people do it the other way around and look at pictures of themself when they were less fit and toned than they are right now which can also be a good motivator.

  1. Book a vacation to a sunny place

This one I would like to do myself haha. When you book a trip to a far and sunny place where you can lay on the beach, you will make sure that you look good in bikini. And to get that bikini body, you have to do you workouts. A good motivator to get you off that couch and into your workout modus.

  1. Post updates

A lot of people find it helpful to keep track of their workouts in terms of quantity and length. So how many times did I do my workout this week? Or for how long did I go for a run? You have special apps to keep track of this or you could share it on social media. It can give you a real kick to write down what you have already achieved and the progress you’ve made.

  1. Set a goal

Not only a sunny vacation, but also a tournament or keeping track of the number of kilometers you have run can be a goal. Or for example achieving a personal goal such as getting fit, lean and healthy.

  1. Try something new

If  you do the same exercises day in day out, it won’t keep you motivated in winter (also not in summer). You can think big and change your sport or trainer, find a new sports group, new outfit, new music playlists or a new workout schedule such as my . Trying something new can give you some new motivation to keep working out.

Need some extra help?

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What am I wearing?

Working out in a dull sportslegging and sweatshirt is not from this time anymore ladies. Reward yourself with a nice sporty outfit and make your workout even more fun.

Below you can see where I bought my workout outfit.

Top H&M:

Thermo broek H&M:
Fit in wintertime GROOT

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